We get our funding in several major ways:

Fox Trot

The Fox Trot is our major annual fundraiser, held at the end of September. This is our only cash fundraiser and provides most of our funding for the year. Students run laps at Stephen Day park as part of a day focused on health and fitness, showing off their pride in themselves and their school. FRCC asks parents, relatives, and others on our community to share in that pride and help us fund the programs that make Fall River great.

Community Nights

Many restaurants in our community have offered to dedicate a night to our school, donating a portion of their proceeds to Fall River. The restaurants vary from year to year, so watch our calendar for upcoming events.

Free Money

We participate in several “Free Money” programs, where businesses will donate to our school when you make the purchases you were going to make anyway. King Soopers will send us 5% of your grocery and gas expenses automatically as long as you’re using a fundraising card (purchased through us). The Box Tops for Education program offers 10¢ for each coupon we submit (if every student brings just 20 coupons, that’s $1,000 for our school).

Learn more about our Free Money programs, and buy your own King Soopers fundraising card today!

Last Update: August 13, 2013