Bridget Witko

January 25
Like Starbucks?
Favorite (school time) Beverage
Skinny nonfat vanilla latte
Favorite Color(s)
Purple, blue, teal
Favorite Sport(s)/Team(s)
I love hockey! I support local teams!
Favorite Book
so many... Bridge to Terabithia, Kevin Henkes books, etc
Favorite Movie
The Princess Bride; Star Wars; family movies
Favorite Food
Apples (honeycrisp)
Favorite Treat
Peanut M & M's; cake (bakery)
Favorite Flower
Watching (my kids playing) hockey, hiking, bike riding (leisurely)
Causes I Support
March of Dimes, Colorado Friendship
Things I Need in my Classroom
Clorox wipes, flair pens, fun games
Dislikes/Allergies/Dietary Restrictions
Anything else?
Favorite restaurant: The Roost, The Pumphouse, Rosalee's, Jefe's