Chris Higgins

Hiking! Running, Yoga, Walking my dog
Favorite Flower
Stargazer Lily
Causes I Support
Kid-related; MS or Cancer research
Things I Need in my Classroom
Prayers and Love
Anything else?
I like playing with essential oils
Dislikes/Allergies/Dietary Restrictions
Favorite Treat
Popcorn, Dark Chocolate; Honeycrisp Apples; Cocomels
Favorite Food
Granola; Pasta
Favorite (school time) Beverage
Coconut chai with a shot (coconut dirty chai)
Like Starbucks?
Favorite Color(s)
Blue (like the ocean) and Purple
Favorite Sport(s)/Team(s)
Vikings; Fort Lewis Skyhawks (son's football team)
Favorite Movie
Grease; most 80's movies
Favorite Book
inspirational books
December 11