Classroom Support

In addition to our teacher grants for individual classrooms, we also set aside funding for grade-level projects in each grade.

Teachers in each grade choose how best to put these support dollars to work, but the programs have generally stayed the same from year to year. Here are some of the ways this financial support has helped in Fall River classrooms:

Kindergarten celebrates the end of the year with an Author’s Tea and publishing party, where students publish their best stories of the year and invite friends and families to celebrate the occasion with cookies and apple juice. Kindergarteners also participate in a small-scale “Field Day” (to complement the “bigger kid” Field Day exercises).

First grade invites parents to “Doughnuts for Dads” and “Muffins for Moms” near the end of the year, bringing parents into the classroom for breakfast.

Cool Reader Club Prize

Cool Reader Club Prize

Second grade promotes at-home reading by inviting all students to the “Cool Reader Club” with prizes for achieving reading goals. Four thousand minutes of reading by the end of the year earns a class party at B&C BounceTown!

Fifth grade takes students on an extra field trip: a tour of the EcoCycle processing center, where students can see how products are actually recycled.

In addition to our flat funding for each grade level, we’ve been able to provide additional funding for some special programs that span more than one grade. For example:

Handwriting Without Tears helps students improve their handwriting — and as the name suggests, they can do it without the practice being stressful. Fall River’s teachers can vouch for the program’s effectiveness: there really are fewer tears now.

Last Update: September 15, 2012