Box Tops & Soup Labels

Three different companies include coupons on their products we can clip to raise 10¢ for our school. Look for these labels on the products you’re buying anyway and send them in. (We’ll make sure they’re all sent to the right place, according to each sponsor’s rules.)

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is a simple “Free Money” fundraiser from General Mills. Look for the Box Tops logo on products (food, trash bags, tissues, and more) and clip each coupon. You can also get Bonus Box Tops on the web.

Labels for EducationLabels for Education works the same way, but with Campbell’s soup labels. The website regularly offers opportunities to earn bonus points.

Tyson Project A+Tyson Project A+™ labels will appear on Tyson products. Clip those too and send them along with your other labels!


Last Update: April 3, 2012