Teacher Appreciation Week-Dessert/Snack/Salad Bar

Time Required Can I bring toddlers?
Monday 04/25 Yes! You're welcome to bring other children.
Can I help after work? Can I help from home?
Yes! Help in the evening! Yes! Help from anywhere!

Please drop off your item(s) by Monday morning drop off (05/02/22).  However, non-perishable items can begin to be dropped off anytime at the front office starting Monday, 04/25/22.

Thank you!

Wednesday 05/04/22 – Late Start Staff Breakfast Buffet & Yogurt Parfait Bar:

https://fallriverpto.org/ volunteer/2022/teacher- appreciation-week-breakfast- buffet-yogurt-parfait-bar- wednesday-05-04-22/?preview= true


Position Volunteer
Cookies (15) Filled
Gluten Free cookies (15) Filled
Macarons (24) Filled
Mini Muffins (15) Filled
Gluten Free Mini Muffins (15) Filled
Brownies(24) Filled
Carrot Cake (1) Filled
Donuts / Cake Filled
Fruit tart / Cake Filled
Banana Pudding (1 Large) Filled
Gluten free cake (1) Filled
Gluten / Dairy Free dessert Filled
Fruit salad / Fruit tray Filled
Fruit salad / Fruit tray Filled
Fruit salad / Fruit tray Filled
Plain cream cheese (16oz.) Filled
Plain cream cheese (16oz.) Filled
Blueberry cream cheese (14oz.) Filled
Blueberry cream cheese (14oz.) Filled
Strawberry cream cheese (14oz.) Filled
Chive and Onion cream cheese Filled
Chive & onion cream cheese (14oz.) Filled
Peanut Butter creamy (40oz.) Filled
Peanut Butter Crunchy (40oz) Filled
Chocolate-Hazelnut spread (35 oz) Filled
Strawberry jelly (18oz.) Filled
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (16oz.) Filled
Any kind of hummus (16oz.) Filled
Hershey's miniature chocolates (Party pack) Filled
Reese’s peanut butter miniature cups (party pack) Filled
M&M’s party size Filled
M&M’s party size Filled
M&M’s peanut party size Filled
M&M’s peanut party size Filled
MilkyWay minis party size Filled
Twix minis party size Filled
Kit Kat’s minis party size Filled
Skittles party size Filled
Milke and Ike’s party size Filled
Sour Patch Kids paarty size Filled
Lifesaver gummies party size Filled
Lay’s classic party size Filled
Lay’s barbecue party size Filled
Funyuns party size Filled
Doritos cool ranch party size Filled
Smartfood White Cheddar party size Filled
Tortilla chips 16oz Filled
Pretzels 16oz Filled
Popcorn Kernels (30oz) Filled
Lemon poppy seed dressing (24fl oz) Filled
Ranch dressing (24 fl oz) Filled
Thousand Italian dressing (24fl oz) Filled
Honey Mustard dressing (24floz.) Filled
Olive Oil (16oz.) Filled
Balsamic Vinegar (16oz. ) Filled
Salt 16oz. Filled
Pepper (16oz.) Filled
Red Crushed Pepper (16oz.) Filled
Parmesan Cheese (16oz) Filled
Shredded cheddar cheese (16oz.) Filled
Croutons (3bags) Filled
Tortilla Strips (3bags) Filled
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