Teacher Appreciation Week ***Monday May 1st*** Sweet N’Salty & Mama Mia

Time Required Can I bring toddlers?
Monday 1st 2023 No; children not in class at Fall River may not attend.
Can I help after work? Can I help from home?
No; this is during the day. No; you must come in.

Teacher Appreciation Week  is coming up !

We realized that providing our amazing Fall River staff (68 total) with a whole week of yummy breakfast, lunch or treats, makes them feel very special and appreciated, and the only way to make that happen is with your incredible donations.

The celebrations will start May 1st and will go throughout the whole week until May 5th.

We want to thank every single one of you in our Fall River Community because with your support and time, we will be able to offer something special every day.


  • PLEASE bring all non-perishable food items on Monday May 1st, preferably in the morning but during the day or after school will work too.
  • PLEASE bring all perishable items on the morning of the celebration that you signed on for, (if it is an item that can be refrigerated for a few days prior to the event you are welcome to bring it on Monday as well.
  • PLEASE mark all dishes with your name and pick them up again the next day after the event you signed on for. For all hot dishes a crockpot or other warming appliance is appreciated.
  • PLEASE if you prepare a dish yourself, include all the ingredients for the benefit of those with food allergies or sensitivities, plus teachers always love to have your recipes! It is totally ok, to purchase prepared items from restaurants or grocery stores.

Check out our other donations lists:

Position Date Volunteer
Bagel stuff Filled
Gluten bagel (10 count) 05/01/2023
Plain Cream Cheese (16oz) 05/01/2023 Filled
Plain Cream Cheese (16oz) 05/01/2023 Filled
Blueberry Cream Cheese (14oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Chive & Onion Cream Cheese (14oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Strawberry Cream Cheese 05/01/2023 Filled
Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese 05/01/2023 Filled
Peanut Butter Creamy (20 oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Peanut Butter Crunchy (20 oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Chocolate Hazenut spread (35 oz) 05/01/2023 Filled
Strawberry Jelly 05/01/2023 Filled
Any kind of hummus 05/01/2023 Filled
Candy list Filled
Hershey's mini chocolates (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Hershey's mini chocolates (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Reese's peanut butter mini 05/01/2023 Filled
Reese's peanut butter mini 05/01/2023 Filled
Twix mini (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Twix mini (Party size) 05/01/2023
Kit Kat mini (Party size) 05/01/2023
Skittles (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Skittles (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
M&M's (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
M&M's (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Twizzlers (Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Sour Patch Kids ( Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Sour Patch Kids ( Party size) 05/01/2023 Filled
Mike & Ike's (Party size) 05/01/2023
Mike & Ike's (Party size) 05/01/2023
Snack list Filled
FritoLay Mega Size Classic mix (42 bags) 05/01/2023 Filled
FritoLay Mega Size Flavor mix (42 individual bags) 05/01/2023 Filled
Boulder Canyon Kettle Style Potato Chips(24 individual bags) 05/01/2023 Filled
Cheez-it snacks crackers (12 individual pack) 05/01/2023
Pringles (18 individual packs) 05/01/2023 Filled
Trail Mix (12 individual packs) 05/01/2023 Filled
Pistachios (12 individual packs) 05/01/2023 Filled
Heart Healthy mix -planters (12 individual pack) 05/01/2023
Granola bars (12 pack) 05/01/2023 Filled
Gluten free bars 05/01/2023
BelVita (12 individual. pack) 05/01/2023 Filled
Ritz bits (12 individual packs) 05/01/2023 Filled
Oreo's gluten free (12 individual pack) 05/01/2023 Filled
Oreo's (12 pack) 05/01/2023 Filled
Salad list Filled
Thousand Italian dressing (24fl. oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Ranch dressing (24fl. oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Vinagrette dressing (24fl. oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Balsamic dressing (24fl. oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Croutons (2 bags) 05/01/2023 Filled
Tortilla Strips for salad (2 bags) 05/01/2023 Filled
Cranberries & Pecans ( 1 bag) 05/01/2023
Parmesan Cheese (16oz.) 05/01/2023 Filled
Gluten free toppings for salad 05/01/2023
Plates (warehouse/ wholesale packages) (dinner plates) 05/01/2023 Filled
Aluminium Foil ( Costco/ Sam's size) 05/01/2023